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Dr. Cooper has had a presentation accepted by the International Research and European Policy Conference on Dyslexia. He will present Teaching Math to Individuals with Dyslexia at the University of Uppsala, in Uppsala, Sweden on August 14th. To view the program of this conference you can go to

Professional Development Kit
Through a grant from the US Department of Education, the staff at NCAL (The National Center for Adult Literacy) has developed a web based professional development kit that uses video clips on CD disks accessible by the Internet. One of the segments of the training is Dr. Cooper assessing an adult learner and demonstrating instruction of basic reading skills. For more information about the Kit visit the website.

Learning disAbilities Catalog

LDR Products: We are experimenting with digital photographs to illustrate the Learning disabilities Resources Catalog. Here is a sample of from the new catalog that will be available at the end of the year 2002. This is a photo of the Magnifying Tracking Bar used to assist individuals who have reading problems


The Center for Alternative Learning screened 50 individuals for the Delaware County Department of Welfare through a Community Connection Initiatives grant. Dr. Cooper administered the C-SIP

(Cooper Screening of Information Processing) and then provided the caseworkers with a report detailing learning, attention or educational problems that the individual might exhibit. Each report contained recommendations on how to best provide accommodations and adaptations for further education and employment training. We were pleased to receive notification that the Community Connection Initiatives grant has been extended for another year. This year we plan to provide follow-up with the 50 clients that are screened through the project. The Center's staff will screen 50 clients who are suspected of having barriers for self-sufficiency. Dr. Cooper's screening is being used to assess the client's information processing in order to determine if learning and attention problems are interfering with their success in training or employment situations.

C-SIP On-line: Through the efforts of Dr. Richard Gacka, the Director of the Learning Differences Center in Erie, PA, the Public Television Station in Erie video taped Dr. Cooper assessing an adult learner suspected of having a learning disability. This video is now available on the Internet at 
Web Courses: Dr. Richard Cooper has converted two of his training sessions, Characteristics of Learning Differences and Writing Techniques for Individuals With Weak Writing Skills, into on-line courses. We are looking for 10 adult educators in Pennsylvania to pilot these courses. Each participant will be asked to take the training and then complete a detailed evaluation of the training. If you are an adult educator working in Pennsylvania and would like to volunteer for this pilot, please contact Dr. Cooper by e-mail at
Training: Dr. Cooper is available to provide training about learning differences to adult education programs in Pennsylvania. A list of current training topics can be found on our website . To schedule training contact: Lorraine at 814-878-2010.
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