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Long Island Adult Education Conference
One workshop in Huntington, Long Island, NY, March 29th
Mountain Plains Adult Education Conference
Three workshops in Reno, NV, April 24th & 25th

COABE Commission on Adult Basic Education 
Two workshops in Portland, OR, April 26th & 30th


Online Course Now Up and Running

The online course, Characteristics of Learning Differences, is currently being offered and is available to educators nationwide.  The course, accessible at, is available in three different formats: the first is offered to Pennsylvania adult educators at no cost; the second is available to others for a fee of $50.  Both of these formats include assignments, opportunities to ask Dr. Cooper questions concerning the content, and a certificate of completion.  The third option is the audit format.  Anyone can take this format of the course for free.  It contains the same content as the other two, but without assignments, opportunity to make comments and ask questions, or certificate of completion. 

Training:  Dr. Cooper has developed a number of new training sessions for adult educators that can be presented at adult education programs in Pennsylvania.  To arrange for a training session on these new topics or any of the many topics that Dr. Cooper offers consult our website 

If an adult education program in Pennsylvania is interested in scheduling a training session about teaching adults who learn differently, they should contact:
Lorraine Bucklin at the Northwest Professional Development Center at 814-878-2010.  Adult education programs in other states, school districts and others interested in training about children or adults with learning problems should contact Dr. Cooper directly. 


Pennsylvania Regional 
Assessment Centers

 Dr. Richard Gacka has teamed with Dr Cooper to provide in-depth training on the use of the Cooper Screening of Information Processing.  This training is being offered statewide to prepare adult educators to conduct the screening on individuals suspected of having learning problems.  Those individuals who are identified as possibly having a significant learning problem and who are likely to be able to pass the GED exam with accommodations will be referred to the regional assessment centers.  

At the Regional Assessment Centers (the Center for Alternative Learning is one of the Centers) those learners will receive academic testing using the WIAT-II.  The Assessment Centers will make arrangements for any additional testing that is required for the formal diagnosis of a learning disability for those who demonstrate sufficient evidence of a disability.  The staff at the Centers will complete and file the GED L-15 form requesting accommodations on the GED with the state GED administrator.  


The Learning Differences Center has produced a CD ROM of the Cooper screening demonstration that is available on the Internet as streaming video.  For those of you who have difficulty viewing the demonstration on the Internet, you can contact Dr. Gacka at 814-878-2005 to obtain a hard copy of the CD.  The streaming video of the C-SIP is available on the Internet at

The staff at the Center for Alternative Learning has already screened 32 individuals for the Delaware County Department of Welfare through a Community Connection Initiatives grant.  The grant, which provides funding for the screening of 50 individuals from July 2002 through June 2003, has been extended for an extra three months.   
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Lasted Updated 04/03/2004