Serving Those Who Learn Differently



The fees for Dr. Cooper's training are:

$1500.00 per day, plus travel expenses

   $750.00 per half day, plus travel expenses

    $300.00 per hour, plus travel expenses

In addition to these fees, there are three other options:

FUND RAISING: Agencies, schools, parents' groups, self-help groups can contract to have Dr. Cooper conduct training or have him as a speaker for various functions.

COURSES: Dr. Richard Cooper has developed a number of courses on learning differences, problems and disabilities for elementary, secondary and adult educators. Credit courses (1 or 3 credit) can be arranged through school districts, colleges and universities.

KEYNOTE AND CONFERENCE SPEAKER:  Since there are many different scenarios possible under this option, please contact Dr. Cooper directly to discuss scheduling and costs of this and the other two options.    1-800-869-8336