Mnemonic Weekly Tip    # 12        December 1, 2002
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The Problem
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Although using mnemonic clues for spelling means that the person is learning one word at a time, these memory clues are just what some students need to master the spelling of confusing words.  For those individuals for whom spelling is not a problem, it is hard to image that individuals would need such elaborate memory techniques or that they can remember what seems to be more than the spelling of the word itself.  The words: limousine, disease, and attendance are such words.  

The Mnemonic

This week’s clue uses a technique of small words in words.  This technique is useful when there is a common, easily spelled, word in a larger, more difficult to spell, word.   The person uses the small word in the word to remember that part of the word and creates a mnemonic clue to remember the other letters in the word. 

 The word limousine contains the words mouse and in.  (mous   in  e).  To learn the spelling of this word, the person remembers the statement “There is a mouse in the limousine.”  To enhance the memory the person can visualize a limousine full of people screaming and fighting to get out of the limousine because someone saw a mouse.

The word disease contains die and seas (di  seas  e).  The person remembers the statement “If you have a disease, you may die in the seas.”  The person writes di        e and then places seas in between the di and the e. 

The word attendance contains three word at ten and dance.   The person remembers the statement “You attend a dance at ten.”  The person can leave a space and write dance then add at and ten or can write at ten and dance. 
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Richard Cooper