Mnemonic Weekly Tip     # 14       December 15, 2002
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The Problem
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 For many of us, individuals who think and learn differently, spelling can be a challenge.  Mnemonic clues of various types provide us with ways to remember the spelling of words.  We don’t need a mnemonic clue for all words, just those that are problematic.  Whenever a clue for one word provides clues for other words, we feel that we have received a bonus.  This is true for the mnemonic clue for the spelling of Wednesday.  The spelling of two states and a metal are the bonus.  

The Mnemonic
This week’s clue is a stack.  A stack is a spelling technique that uses patterns to aid in the spelling of a word.  The stack for Wednesday is as follows:




 This stack consists of three sets of three letters with three vowels down the middle.

The bonus for this stack revolves around the middle set of three letters:  nes.

            Ten                  Min                 mag

            nes                  nes                 nes

            see                   ota                 ium

  By knowing that nes is the middle set of three letters for a day of the week, two states and a metal, enables the person to remember the spelling of all four words.   
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Richard Cooper