Mnemonic Weekly Tip    # 10        November 17, 2002
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The Problem
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A 25 year old man exhibited difficulty with reading and spelling the following words during the screening I completed with him:  her, here and hear.  This young man experienced difficulty throughout his schooling because of weak reading and writing skills and reports that he reads and writes only what he must, and that is very little.   

The Mnemonic

This week’s clue again uses the technique of a sequence.  A sequence is a number of items that are related in some way and therefore memorable.  The words: her, here, hear can be sequenced with the pronouns he and she to produce a list of related words. 

 We start with he the male pronoun and add the letter s to make she the female pronoun.            

To this we add the concept that the female pronouns each contain three letters, she and her, while the two words that are pronounced the same each contain four letters.  

We distinguish between here and hear by weighting one, you hear with your ear.  This sequence should be reviewed with the person who is confusing these words until he or she is able to distinguish them with ease.                                           
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Richard Cooper