Mnemonic Weekly Tip # 4            October 6, 2002
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The Problem
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 I just returned from Arkansas where I had the opportunity to address the Arkansas Association of Continuing and Adult Education. While at the conference, a teacher told me that she had attended a workshop that I did on Spelling Mnemonics in New Orleans a number of years ago. On the drive back to Arkansas, she and her colleagues were discussing the words that they had difficulty spelling.  She said that they came up with a mnemonic for spelling the word license, a word that she said she could never remember how to spell. 
The Mnemonic
Cindy Magness said that if you picture the word lice with a lot of little lice jumping around on the word, it will remind you that you need a nurse (n) to diagnose the conditions; then add the se.
lice + nurse + add se         license
Cindy owns and operates an educational resources store in northern Arkansas.  
Thank you, Cindy.
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Richard Cooper