Mnemonic Weekly Tip # 6            October 20, 2002
Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements
The Problem
Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements
 Individuals with weak reading and spelling skills often confuse words that 
begin with the prefixes pre and per.
The Mnemonic

When a person who has difficulty distinguishing between items that are 
similar, the technique of weighted learning can be used. Weighted learning 
means that a person learns one of the items in the confusing pair. If it is 
not the one that the person knows, then it is the other one. 

Using this technique, the person learns to visualize a tail on the r of per. This tail 
is the tail of a cat that purrs, giving the person the sound of the prefix 
per. If it does not end in an r (per) then it is the other one (pre). 

Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements 

Richard Cooper