Mnemonic Weekly Tip    # 7        October 27, 2002
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The Problem
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 Many individuals with weak academic skills do not have a good sense of geography and therefore do not fully understand current events or history when there is a reference to locations around the globe.  One of the reasons for the limited understanding of geography is that they do not know the major land masses of the earth, the continents.  
The Mnemonic

This mnemonic clue incorporates the number of items into the clue so that the person does not list too few or too many.   The location of the first letters of each continent can help the person to remember the relative location of the continents.  Antarctica is on the bottom; Australia is “down under” but higher than Antarctica.  The next two A’s are for Africa and Asia with the E for Europe to the left of Asia.   The two America’s are positioned on top of the 7; the person can visualize the top of the seven as pointing west across the Atlantic Ocean.  

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Richard Cooper