Mnemonic Weekly Tip # 1           September 15, 2002
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The Problem
Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements
Some individuals who have difficulty distinguishing items that are similar find  it  difficult  to  remember  how  to  read  or  spell  these  five  words: big, bag, bug, bog and beg.
The Mnemonic


By drawing an arrow on the i in big
The arrow pointing up reminds the person  that  this  word  is  big.
To remember the differences between bag and bug a string or story will do.
"How  about  if we  go  on  a  picnic  and  have  a  little  lunch.  We   will  need   something   to   put   the   lunch   in.   A bag will do because we can close it to keep out the bugs."  The a in bag is a closed letter when the u in bug is an open letter.
Next week: the mnemonic clues for bog and beg.
Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements