Mnemonic Weekly Tip  # 2          September 22, 2002
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The Problem
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Last week we looked at the confusion some individuals, who have difficulty distinguishing items that are similar, have: big, bag, bug. This week, the mnemonic clues for bog and beg.
The Mnemonic
Remembering or reviewing that big has an arrow that points up, a bag can be closed to keep out the bugs which contains a u that can let the bugs in, we have an o in bog that resembles a pond that contains water.  This, like the mnemonic clue for big, is a single clue. 
For the word beg we use another string or story and connect it to another set of words that can be confusing: but and bet.
 Both bet and beg contain an e, the e can be associated with the word easy for easy money.
 Next week:  the mnemonic clues for mnemonic
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