Mnemonic Weekly Tip    # 17        January 19, 2003
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The Problem
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This weeks mnemonic clue is for the spelling of tomorrow.  This word is difficult for some people to remember because they do not use the sounds in words to remember the spelling.  These individuals try to use a visual match to remember the spelling of the word, but it is difficult to remember how many os and rs there are in the word tomorrow.  This problem will appear to be minor to individuals who are good spellers, but to those individuals who struggle with spelling, not being able to remember how to spell tomorrow is a source of continuing frustration.     


The Mnemonic
The word tomorrow is one that works well with the technique of stacking. 

                         t  o

                        m o r

                        r  o w

 The three os line up and the two rs are easy to remember as the end and beginning of the second and third layer.

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Richard Cooper