Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 26          March 23, 2003
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The Problem
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This week’s problem is mine.  I have just corrected the word devise several times changing it to device.  I use the word device often when I write and, more often than not,  I write devise when I am talking about accommodating learners with learning differences.  I looked up the words in the dictionary and I still find myself confused.  The word device refers to a thing; it is a noun.  The word devise refers to an action, it is a verb.    One aspect of the confusion is either/or, the word I want to use contains either s or  c.  The other confusion comes from the fact the word vise is a device, this leads me to think that the word devise is the noun. 

The Mnemonic: 

 After sleeping on it, I woke with a way to remember the difference between devise and device.  I will focus on the word is in the word devise.  Since is and devise are both verbs, I will be able to remember that to devise is to plan and a device is a piece of equipment. 

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Richard Cooper