Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 21           February 17, 2003
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The Problem
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This week’s mnemonic clue is designed to assist individuals with weak spelling skills for the spelling of the word strength. The person who has difficulty distinguishing between things that are similar can spell this word as s t r e n g t h  or  s t r e n g h t.  Because the difference between the correct and incorrect spelling is just the sequence of gth or ght it is very difficult for the person to remember which one is correct.  This is a example of the right/left or either/or confusion.  

The Mnemonic: # 21

The mnemonic clue for the spelling of the word strength involves the word 'the'.  The person remembers that the word strength does not have a the in it.      Strengthe has no e.  A similar clue can be used to remember the spelling of the word strengthen; it contains the word then. 

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Richard Cooper