Mnemonic Weekly Tip   # 18         January 26, 2003
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The Problem
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This week’s mnemonic clue is for the spelling and definition of the word inundate.  Individuals who possess weak language skills often not only have difficulty with reading and spelling skills but also learning and remembering the meaning of words, especially words that represent abstract concepts.  This week's mnemonic clue is for the spelling and definition of the word inundate.


The Mnemonic
The mnemonic clue for inundate provides a way to both remember how to spell the word and remember the word’s meaning. Since the word inundate means to flood, the person remembers that if there is a flood on the day that you have scheduled a date, then it becomes an un date (not a date) because of the weather conditions. The spelling of inundate combines the use of small words in words (in and date) with the memory clue of un date, negating the date. By building the definition or a synonym into the clue, the person can also remember the meaning of the word inundate
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Richard Cooper