Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 42          January 11, 2004
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The Problem
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This week’s mnemonic clue is one that a student and I developed to help him distinguish and remember the spelling of the words:  very, even, every, and event.  For many students who have learning problems distinguishing items that are similar is problematic.  These four words are spelled with only six letters of the alphabet; they all contain the letter combination ve.  This makes them very similar. 

  The Mnemonic Clue  

The mnemonic clue of these words is ET.  E very, very, even, even T  These words can be learned as a sequence (a memory tool used to help individuals who have difficulty with items that are similar).  The student remembers the sequence very, very, even, even and adds an E to the first word to get every and a T to the last word in the sequence to get event.  


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Richard Cooper