Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 45          February 1, 2004
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The Problem
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This week’s mnemonic clue is in response to two confusing terms:  horizontal and vertical.  Individuals who have a right/left discrimination problem find terms and concepts like these confusing because at first they do not understand the concepts and later because they do not use the terms enough to remember which one is which.  Sometimes it is difficult to know if the person does not know these terms because when the terms are found in context the meaning is apparent.  However, when asked to name the direction without having the terms in front of the person, he or she may find it difficult to remember which term goes with which concept.  Some times the person guesses correctly further masking the confusion.  

  The Mnemonic Clue  
  These terms can be distinguished and remembered with the following mnemonic clue.  The sunrise and sunset occur on the horizon, the horizon is horizontal.  A visual clue that can be used to help the person remember this clue is the sun on the capital H or small h in horizon and horizontal as illustrated in the following.  Using the technique of Weighted Learning, the person does not need to learn a clue for vertical because if the term does not begin with an h then it is the other term vertical.     
     H     h  


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Richard Cooper