Mnemonic Clue #54


The Problem:  

This month the problem is one that is common for many people not just those who have learning problems.  It is the spelling of the word February.  There are two main reasons why people have difficulty spelling this word.  The first is that we more often write the number two for the month or we abbreviate the word as Feb.  Since we use these short cuts, when we go to spell the complete word, we might not remember how to spell it.  The second reason is that for those of us who have a right/left discrimination problem the order of the r and u can be confusing.   Those of use who have difficulty distinguishing the sounds in words canít depend on our pronunciation for the spelling. 


The Mnemonic Clue

The mnemonic clue for spelling February also provides help for the spelling of January.  This clue uses the stacking technique providing the person with a visual image of the two words.  For some, just seeing the relationship between the two words will be enough to remember the spelling.  For others, they will find the second visual image easier to remember because the abbreviations are obvious and the r sticks out so it is hard to forget.  



                 F e b r          F e b. r
       J a n u a r y J a n. u a  r  y



Richard Cooper, Ph.D. 

Center for Alternative Learning

January, 2007