Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 27          March 30, 2003
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Just a short clue from the road: coming to you from the NAASLN (National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs) Conference in Columbus, Ohio.
The Problem
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The Problem: At Indiana Corrections Education Conference last week in Indianapolis, session participants poised the following confusables for my demonstration of the use of mnemonic clues. A number of teachers agreed that many new readers struggle with the words cent and cents; sent and send. Individuals who have auditory perception problems, what I call blurred hearing, confuse these words because they sound similar.

The Mnemonic: 
The words cent and cents can be remembered with a visual mnemonic clue of the cent sign. The person draws a line, or visualizes a line, over the c to remind the person that these words represent money.
The word sent and send can be distinguished by paying attention to the last letter of each word. We can use a visual mnemonic clue of the word sent, an arrow going from the s to cross the t.
The word send can be remembered by the small word in send -- end. The learner associates the concept or the sound of the word end with send. Using the concept of end, the person makes an association between the end of a project and sending it to someone. Using the sound, the learner who can use rhyming to remember words can learn the statement,
''Send it to the end''.
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Richard Cooper