Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 30          April 21, 2003
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The Problem
Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements

This week’s mnemonic clue comes from my son Scott Cooper.  Scott attends Temple University and works for me at the Center for Alternative Learning.  Some of you may have met Scott at training sessions involving Tic Tac Toe Math.  As a person who struggled with the times tables and found Tic Tac Toe Math very helpful, Scott is an ideal person to teach TTT to others.  He reminded me that he had given me a mnemonic clue for the Mnemonic Guide that is available through the Learning disAbilities Resources Catalog.  This clue is for the spelling of the state of Connecticut.

The Mnemonic: 
By visualizing yourself with a pair of scissors you can make a connection to the state of Connecticut. 
                        Connect    I   Cut

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Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements 

Richard Cooper, PhD.