Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 37          June 8, 2003
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The Problem
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I have traveled to Louisiana a number of times in the last few years, teaching two courses at LSU, conducting staff development training and last week making five presentations at the state adult education conference.  Each time I need to correspond with officials in the Louisiana Department of Education, I need to look up the spelling of the state.  I just couldnít find a clue to remember how to spell Louisiana
The Mnemonic: 
While I waited for the hotel shuttle, I noticed a state car that pulled up at the airport and my spelling problem for Louisiana was solved.  I looked at every license plate I saw during the three days I was in Baton Rouge, but I did not see another license plate like the one on the state car.  They all looked like this.  



The license (mnemonic clue week 4)  plate one on the state car looked like this. 



Whoever designed the patriotic license plate provided me with a mnemonic clue for the spelling of the state so I will never have to look it up again.  Lo is easy to remember because they are the first two letters.  Ui and Si are now memorable as part of USA and the na balances off the end of the word, two letters like the Lo in the front of the word.  Knowing there are two letters means that I donít add another n as in nna.  

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Richard Cooper, PhD.