Mnemonic Weekly Tip: # 32          May 4, 2003
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The Problem
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There are a number of words that are confusing for new readers and can be confusing for individuals who have no difficulty reading but find these words difficult to recall for spelling.  The words whether, weather, wether are such words. 

The Mnemonic: 
The clue for reading and spelling of the word weather is the word earth because the letters are found in the word  w e a t h e r.   The person visualizes the r moving in between the a and the t. and associates the concept of the earth as a planet that has active weather.    This clue can be used by both the new reader and the poor speller if these individuals can read and spell the word earth.  
    For the new reader the word wether, meaning a ram, is rare and will usually not be found in the material that the person is reading.  The word whether will be found and can be confusing because the weak reader may not know that there are two words that sound the same:  weather and whether.  So when reading the sentence, “Whether I go or not depends on the conditions,” the weak reader may comprehend that conditions are related to the weather.  The person who has this difficulty needs to add the word whether to his or her vocabulary. 

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Richard Cooper, PhD.