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Learning disAbilities Resources

2000 Catalog


Learning disAbilities Resource Catalog

Dear Reader:

This 2000 Catalog marks 13 years of service for Learning disAbilities Resources providing a growing number of materials and information for adults and children who learn differently. Customers who have previously received LDR Catalogs will notice the new look with expanded explanations of the products. If you are a first time reader of the Learning disAbilities Resources Catalog you will find that most of the items listed in this catalog are not found anywhere else. The exceptions are the items in the Technology Section which we obtain from other suppliers, but the majority of the products in this catalog were developed by Dr. Richard Cooper and produced at Learning disAbilities Resources. The quality of most of the products is not slick. We do not use glossy paper or multi-color printing, but the items have been found to be effective for both children and adults who learn differently. Dr. Cooper, who himself has a learning difference, works with individuals as young as 4 years and the oldest to date was 80 years old. Most of the items in this catalog are age and level independent which means that the person is able to individualize the material for his or her needs. This is possible because the materials are designed to meet the specific needs of individuals who think and learn differently, not to a specific age or achievement level. For example Tic Tac Toe Math is an effective method for the fourth grader or the adult education student who cannot remember the multiplication tables.

We continue to try to keep our costs low. The purpose of this catalog is to provide individuals who learn differently, and those trying to assist them, with systems and techniques which use an individual’s strengths and minimize the person’s weaknesses. The products are very popular with adult education programs, colleges which serve students with learning differences as well as elementary and secondary schools. Because the materials are not age or level specific, many home schoolers have found the products very useful.

You can contact our offices at 1-800-869-8336, visit our web site at www.learningdifferences.com, or send e-mail to: [email protected].


CCenter for Alternative Learning

The Center for Alternative Learning is a non-profit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania which has 501c3 IRS status. The Center was founded by Dr. Cooper in 1987 to provide low cost and free educational services to

individuals with learning differences. The activities at the Center are funded by donations, grants and fees for teacher training courses. The mission of the Center for Alternative Learning is to provide educational, life skills and social services for individuals, both children and adults, who because of their learning problems are undereducated or have weak academic skills. Current programs include adult basic education classes and a literacy program for individuals who have reading problems. Through the Center, Dr. Cooper provides training for parents, teachers and other professionals about learning differences and techniques for developing compensatory strategies. The Center relies heavily on volunteers who assist with both instruction and administration. Without our volunteers we would only be able to provide a minimal level of service.

Unfortunately, we only have one location in Havertown, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. Dr. Cooper has met individuals around the country who lament the fact that they are unable to be volunteers at the Center. But they and you can help with your financial contribution to the Center. If you would like to make a donation to the Center, you can add it to your LDR order. Your donation will be transferred to the Center for Alternative Learning and used to offer free assessments and specialized instruction to individuals with learning differences who are not eligible to receive such services elsewhere.


Learning disAbilities Newsletter

The Center for Alternative Learning’s Newsletter is published five times a year. This six to eight page newsletter describes the activities of the Center’s staff, reports regional and national news about learning disabilities and contains information about how to assist individuals with learning differences, problems and disabilities. Articles written by Richard Cooper include explanations about how individuals who learn differently process information and describe alternative learning techniques.

Write or call for a free sample issue

1008 one year subscription $10.00

1009 two year subscription $18.00


Math Development Series

     The Math Development Series is a collection of books, workbooks, videos, worksheets and learning aids which Dr. Cooper has either developed or found helpful for individuals of all ages who learn differently.  The most unique and revolutionary products are the Tic Tac Toe Math items.  Tic Tac Toe Math is an alternative method for doing math.  It is not for everyone.  This method is designed to provide individuals who are unable to remember the multiplication facts with an alternative.  For some it works like magic, enabling them to do math operations involving multiplication, division, fractions and percentages.  One of the findings of a number of research projects is that students who find Tic Tac Toe Math helpful are able to redefine themselves as individuals who can learn rather than their previous self-image as individuals who cannot learn.

1105   TIC TAC TOE MATH INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE (Second Edition) The 57 page guide is designed for parents, teachers and self-study students. It explains the Tic Tac Toe Math system and provides detailed instruction on how to make and use Tic Tac Toe grids from one to infinity for solving multiplication and long division problems. Suggestions are given for teaching the system to individuals who learn differently.                                                                                                                      $15.95

1110   VIDEO:    TIC TAC TOE MATH TRAINING VIDEO This 2 hour video replaces the previous 75 minute video and features Dr. Cooper teaching Tic Tac Toe Math. It can be used by individuals who want to learn the system or used as training tool to teach larger groups. The video includes how to make the Tic Tac Toe grids and how to use the system with multiplication, division, fractions and percentages.                                                          $19.95

1115   TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK I  This workbook (32 pages) is designed for students (both children and adults) to learn to make the single digit (1 - 9) Tic Tac Toe Math grids. It breaks each pattern up into small steps. Some students work through the book quickly, while others take more time. Double digit grids ending with zero (10, 20) and one (11, 21) are introduced. It has worksheets which enable the students to learn and use Tic Tac Toe Math for solving multiplication and division problems. $4.50

1120   VIDEO:    TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK I This video features Dr. Cooper going through Workbook I, page by page. This 90 minute tape is designed to allow the students to stop, as needed, as they work through each page.                                                              $18.00

1125    TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK II  The second workbook teaches the student to make and use double and multi-digit grids (10 to infinity). There are practice sheets and opportunities to practice long division. (29 pages) $4.75

1130   VIDEO: TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK II  This video features Dr. Cooper going through the workbook, page by page, providing helpful hints so the student can learn the system well. (75 minutes)                                                                                                 $18.00

1135    TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK III  The third workbook teaches the student how to use Tic Tac Toe Math to do fractions. Using Tic Tac Toe Math, the student can reduce fractions, change improper fractions and mixed numbers, find common denominators and multiply and divide fractions. (23 pages) $4.75

1140    VIDEO: TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK III As in the other workbook videos, Dr. Cooper takes the student through the pages of the workbook pointing out how to use Tic Tac Toe Math to work with fractions. (70 minutes)                                                                 $18.00

1145    TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK IV  The fourth workbook teaches the student how to use Tic Tac Toe Math to do percentages. Using Tic Tac Toe Math, the student can easily find the percentage of any number. (24 pages)                                          $4.75

1150   VIDEO:   TIC TAC TOE WORKBOOK IV  Dr. Cooper discusses, page by page, Workbook IV explaining how to use Tic Tac Toe Math to calculate percentages. (57 minutes)                                                                                                                                            $18.00


1155   TIC TAC TOE MATH TRAINING KIT   A three ring binder which contains overhead transparencies and handout sheets which can be duplicated for group training. The handouts match the examples used in the Tic Tac Toe Math Training Video (102). This training aid is designed for individuals who would like to train others to teach Tic Tac Toe Math, but it also can be used to teach students. (Without Video)                                                                                                                     $12.95

1160   TIC TAC TOE MATH TRAINING KIT   This is the same item as 1155 with the Video Tape (1110) included.                                                                          $27.95

1165 Advanced TIC TAC TOE MATH: The CUBE  Individuals who find Tic Tac Toe Math fascinating will be intrigued with the TTT cube, a three dimensional grid with 27 positions and three shadow numbers. Although Dr. Cooper had developed the Tic Tac Toe Math cube years ago, he saw no practical or instructional purpose for it. Now he has found that it serves two functions: a self-confidence booster for individuals who are good with patterns and an instructional technique for teaching and using fractions and percentages. This workbook provides instructions for creating the Tic Tac Toe Math Cube and explanations for its use.                                                                    $10.95

1170 VIDEO: Advanced TIC TAC TOE MATH: The CUBE  This video, for individuals who already know Tic Tac Toe Math, explains how to create and use the Cube. It closely follows the book: Advanced Tic Tac Toe Math: The Cubeso that individuals who need to see a demonstration can learn the Cube.                  $18.00

1175 Advanced TIC TAC TOE MATH The CUBE Training Kit A three ring binder which contains overhead transparencies and handout sheets which can be duplicated for group training. The handouts match the examples used in the Video Advanced Tic Tac Toe Math: the Cube (1170). This training aid is designed for teachers who would like to train others to teach Advanced Tic Tac Toe Math $12.95

TIC TAC TOE WORKSHEETS  These pads of worksheets are designed to help students create Tic Tac Toe Math grids which are large enough to hold the numbers for various types of times tables.

1180    A pad of 50 sheets for single digit Tic Tac Toe times tables.                  $2.50

1182    A pad of 50 sheets for double, triple and four digit Tic Tac Toe times tables.                                                                                                                                            $2.50

1184    A pad of 50 sheets for single digit fractions Tic Tac Toe times tables. $2.50

1186    A pad of 50 sheets for Tic Tac Toe The Cube.                                            $2.50



Tic Tac Toe Math Specials

1210 Workbook I - Purchase 10 for $45.00 and receive the Workbook I Video free.

1212 Workbook II - Purchase 10 for $47.50 and receive the Workbook II Video free.

1214 Workbook III - Purchase 10 for $47.50 and receive the Workbook III Video free.

1216 Workbook IV - Purchase 10 for $47.50 and receive the Workbook IV Video free.


1220 Purchase Workbook I Video for $21.50 and receive two Workbook I free.

1222 Purchase Workbook II Video for $22.50 and receive two Workbook II free.

1224 Purchase Workbook III Video for $22.50 and receive two Workbook III free.

1226 Purchase Workbook IV Video for $22.50 and receive two Workbook IV free.


1230 One Instructional Guide and one each of the 4 Workbooks $31.95

1232 Instructional Guide, all 4 Workbooks with the 5 videos $99.95

1234 Same as 1232 packet plus the Tic Tac Toe Math Training Kit $108.95


1240 Advanced Tic Tac Toe Math: the Cube, The Book, and the Video $23.95

1242 Advanced Tic Tac Toe Math: the Cube, The Book, The Video and the Training Kit $30.95

I Might Learn Differently, But I Learn Well


1300   Instructional Guide of Alternative Math Techniques A collection of alternative techniques for teaching arithmetic operations which Dr. Cooper has found useful with individuals who have learning problems. This book includes techniques and memory aids for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages. 44 pages                                                                                                                                               $11.95

1302 VIDEO: Teaching Math This three hour instructional video explains how learning differences affect learning math and demonstrates techniques for teaching math skills. The information places emphasis on enhancing basic skills and techniques for using patterns and mnemonics as memory aids.                                                                                              $18.00


Individuals who have difficulty keeping numbers lined up often make errors when completing computations. These sheets printed with graph lines help students to keep their work straight. The sheets have graph lines only on one side to encourage the students to spread out their work and keep it organized. Spaces for name, date, page, class and room for other organizational items are printed on the back. There is also room on the back for teachers and tutors to demonstrate operations or make comments to aid the student. Each pad of graph paper contains 50 sheets, 8.5" x 11".

1330    Size 1 Graph Paper 6 mm squares.                                   $2.50

1332    Size 2 Graph Paper 8 mm squares.                                   $2.50

1334    Size 3 Graph Paper 9 mm squares.                                   $2.50

1335    Size 4 Graph Paper 10 mm squares.                                 $2.50

1338    Size 5 Graph Paper 11 mm squares                                  $2.50

1340   Graph Paper Sampler This packet contains five pages of each of the five sizes of graph               paper (25 sheets).                                                              $3.50

1410   Checkbook Insert Many adults with learning problems do not have a checking account. Sometimes it is because of difficulties with math, but frequently is it because the person is embarrassed about their weak spelling skills. Others who have a checking account often carry an index card with the spelling of the numbers on it. The checkbook insert fits into the regular size checkbook so that a person can refer to it easily without the embarrassment of pulling out a separate piece of paper. The checkbook insert provides the individual with a list of numbers to enable the correct spelling so the person can write checks. Paper copy.                                $0.59

1412   Checkbook Insert: Laminated                    $1.59

1414   10 Checkbook Inserts: Paper Copy             $3.99

1416   10 Checkbook Inserts Laminated               $9.99

1420     A Packet of Dice A set of 16 die (eight white, eight red) useful for the teaching of number facts and organizational techniques. Dr. Cooper uses the dice for assessing the organizational skills of both children and adults. How the person approaches the dice for problem solving provides an indication about how the person approaches organization in general. The dice are also very popular with students who are learning basic addition facts or who are trying to increase their speed with those facts. Instructional page included.             $6.59


1430 Time Telling Aids Many individuals, both children and adults, with learning differences have difficulty learning to tell time with regular clocks and watches. They usually have little problem with digital time pieces but find clock faces, especially those with no numbers, confusing. This collection of six worksheets (8.5" x 11") is designed to help individuals, who can read digital clocks, learn how to read analog clocks. The worksheets contain clock faces with the minutes printed on the clock face. 10 copies of each of the six worksheets.              $5.59

1431 One Each of the 6 Worksheets Laminated                                                               $14.95

1440 Modified Ruler Many measuring instruments have the numbers next to the inch marks rather than below them. This can confuse individuals who have difficulties learning. These rulers have been modified by extending the inch and half inch lines to make learning to measure easier. Instruction page included.                                                                                                        $3.95

1441 Five Modified Rulers                                                                                                   $14.95

1450 Fraction Aid Many children and adults find measuring confusing because they do not understand the markings for fractions. This pad of 40 sheets (81/2" x 11") helps individuals who have difficulty measuring and using fractions understand the markings on a ruler, yard stick or tape measure.                                                                                                                           $2.95


Language Development Series

The Language Development Series is based on Dr. Cooper’s own compensatory techniques for dealing with written language. As an individual who struggles with the acquisition of written language, he knows the frustrations associated with learning what comes easily to so many other people.


2101  Sight/Sound System Instructional Guide (2nd edition) The Sight/Sound System is the result of years of clinical work by Dr. Cooper with students who have learning problems and need additional techniques to phonetic decoding. This publication provides explanations abouthow to use the system for students just learning to read or reading on a very low level. The system also has techniques and exercises for students who need to improve their reading skills up to high school and college levels. It features the use of environmental words, compound word exercises, word part decoding techniques and the use of word comparisons. The new edition contains a section on reading comprehension. $16.95

2105   VIDEO: Sight/Sound System  This 40 minute video features Dr. Cooper explaining how to teach reading using the Sight/Sound System. It is designed for parents and teachers who want an alternative method for teaching reading with less emphasis on using the sounds in words while not eliminating the use of phonics.                                                                $19.95

2110   Sight/Sound System Workbook The workbook is a three ring binder which holds the student's study sheets. There are different sheets for different levels of reading development. This workbook comes with sheets for all levels of reading abilities discussed in the Sight/Sound System. Each type of worksheet has an example page which can be used as an exercise page by students who find the words on these pages useful.                                                                $9.95

2112   Five Sight/Sound Workbooks                                                                                   $45.95

2114   Ten Sight/Sound Workbooks                                                                                    $87.95



2140 WordNets: Bookmarks for Word Collection A simple assistive devise, the WordNet provides students who have weak language skills with a tool for collecting and studying words. On one side, these bookmarks have the alphabet printed in upper and lower case, print and script.  On the back, there are spaces for the collection of words.  This design enables students to collect words for reading, spelling and vocabulary development. (2.75" x 8.5") Pack of 25 $0.75

2141 WordNets without the alphabet. Both sides have lines for word collection. (2.75" x 8.5") Pack of 25                                                                                                                                $0.75

2143 WordNets Wider for larger handwriting, without the alphabet. Both sides have lines for word collection. (3.66" x 8.5") Pack of 25                                                                              $0.75


2147  ABC Playing Cards Card games

can be fun. Here is a deck of alphabet

cards which will help new readers of all

ages. These cards were developed by

Jack Lipman who uses them to teach

reading with phonics. Deck of 104 cards                                                           $8.75


2148   ABC Playing Cards and Instructional Guide Jack Lipman has written a guide, Phonics Phun, which explains how to use the cards for teaching reading with phonics and Dr. Cooper has included a number of pages describing how to use the cards to help students who have difficulty learning to read with phonics. The guide also is full of instructions for the card games which can be played with the ABC Cards. (The guide with a deck of 104 cards) $19.95

2150 VIDEO: Improving Reading Comprehension  This 30 minute video provides teachers and parents with an understanding of why individuals with learning differences have problems with reading comprehension. Dr. Cooper includes practical techniques for increasing students’ reading comprehension.                                                                                     $15.00

2160   Comprehension Companion Notepads for reading comprehension. These notepads of 50 sheets (5" x 8") are printed with the words "Who, What, Where, When, How" on the front and "Why and Summary" on the back. Students use these sheets as bookmarks and

In A Free Society, Learning To Read Is A Right Not A Privelege


write notes on them as the information is found. There is a blank for the title of the reading material and space for the page numbers where the information was found.

This note taking aid is designed for individuals who have problems with 1) organization, 2) spelling and 3) comprehension. It is the size of half a regular page so it can be used as a bookmark so that the person has it available when reading. As the person can answer the questions, he/she copies the words out of the book, reducing spelling errors. Students can supplement the written notes with illustrations, diagrams and symbols. A person may end up with many pages of the Comprehension Companion depending on the length of the reading material. One pad                                                                                                                              $1.49

2162   Package of five pads                                                                                              $5.59



2210  The Vocabulary Workbook provides the student with a systematic way to sharpen and expand his or her vocabulary. The workbook is designed with space for the student to collect words, define, classify, and use them in sentences. There is space provided for memory clues and related words which further expands the student's vocabulary. This individualized approach to vocabulary allows the student to choose words which he or she needs to learn rather than a pre-determined set of words.  $7.50

2212   Package of five workbooks           $32.00

2215   Package of ten workbooks            $62.00


2225   VIDEO: Vocabulary Workbook  This 30 minute video explains how a student can systematically and regularly work to increase and sharpen his or her vocabulary.  Dr. Cooper demonstrates how the Vocabulary Workbook can be used by anyone to sharpen or increase the numbers of words the person can understand and use.                                                      $15.00



2310 Writing Skills for Individuals Who Learn Differently This book is both an instructional guide and a workbook. Dr. Cooper explains why some individuals have difficulties with written expression and describes writing exercises which he has developed and found helpful for both children and adults with learning problems. The book contains worksheets which the student copies and uses to complete the various exercises. The book also contains worksheets which use the Part of Speech Pattern (2510) $12.95

2315 VIDEO: Writing Skills for Individuals Who Learn Differently  For those who prefer to see demonstrations of the exercises, Dr. Cooper has prepared this video in which he covers the information contained in the Writing Skills book.                                                       $15.00

2325 Choosing a Topic Worksheet A 30 sheet pad of (8.5" x 11") worksheets which provides the students with a system so they can easily choose, narrow down, organize and add detail to topics for writing assignments. Instructional and example page included. One pad            $2.50

2327   Package of Five Pads                                                                                             $8.95

2329 Choosing a Topic One Worksheet Laminated                                                             $4.00



Spelling Workbooks

These workbooks are designed for students of all ages, especially for those with learning problems. Spelling words are not listed in these workbooks, instead the students collect words they need for their writing. The students learn to use parts of speech and memory aids for improving their spelling. The series is recommended for children and adults who have not been able to learn spelling by sound or rules. Workbook I contains space for 50 words. Workbook II, III & IV - 100 words and Workbook V - 200 words. Students of all ages/levels should start with Workbook I. (Most students will need help when they first start using these workbooks.)







Workbook I 

Workbook II  

Workbook III 

Workbook IV

Workbook V

Set of all five Workbooks









I Read To My Children Every Day


2420   VIDEO: Spelling Workbook   (Au) This 90 minute video features Dr. Cooper teaching a group of students and their teachers to use the Spelling Workbooks. Dr. Cooper talks about why some, like himself, have problems with spelling. This presentation includes a page by page explanation of the various techniques used in the Spelling Workbooks.                  $18.00


Parts of Speech Poster

This learning aid lays out the parts of speech in a way which allows students to see the patterns in defining words and constructing sentences. Many individuals who learn well with patterns find this tool for understanding the structure of language very helpful. Since students with weak written language skills often find parts of speech confusing, seeing the parts of speech in this pattern, makes grammar and the structure of language more concrete and manageable.

2510   Parts of Speech Pattern Poster (28" x 17") This poster can be mounted on a bulletin board or a wall.                                                                                                                 $6.00

2512 Parts of Speech Pattern Laminated Page A 8.5" x 11" copy of the Parts of Speech Poster laminated so that students can use a washable marker to draw the pattern of sentences.                                                                                                                                             $4.00

2514 A pad of 40 sheets (8.5" x 11") of the Parts of Speech Poster. Students can use these sheets to write in words under each part of speech or follow the pattern of sentences.                    $3.00











Noun Pronoun

Verb Adjective

Adverb Conjunction

Subject Object

Interjection Preposition


2530   Word Part Pattern This variation of the Parts of Speech Pattern is a learning aid which uses patterns in words to help individuals with weak language skills to understand the structure of language. Pad of 40 (81/2 x11) sheets $2.50

2533 Word Part Pattern Laminated Page                                                                          $4.00


2550   Individualized Grammar Reference Book This workbook is designed for the collection of writing errors and space for examples of correct construction. Many students with poor writing skills find it difficult or impossible to use grammar reference books. Since they often do not know what is wrong with their writing, they cannot find an example of the correct way to express their thoughts. Working with a teacher or a tutor, a student can collect their writing errors, organize them by category and have examples of correct written expressions on the facing page. Instead of searching through a thick grammar reference book, the student checks his/her personal reference for examples of grammatically correct expressions. The workbook contains a set of labels of grammar terms for categorizing the pages.                                                     $7.95


2560   Grammar Cards This set of 36 cards contains parts of speech and grammatical terms. They are used to enable students to learn grammar in a concrete way. These cards have proven very helpful in demonstrating the structure of language to students who either have learning problems or who are just learning grammar. The cards come with an instructional sheet.    $6.95


2565   Grammar Cards Plus This second set of cards contains additional grammar terms. These cards are for students who have learned how to use the parts of speech and simple grammar terms included in the first set. The cards are designed with color coding to help students see the structure of language. Some of the terms included in this set are subordinate clause, prepositional phrase, gerund, participle, compound subject, compound verb.                                              $6.95







Special Offers

Both Sets of Grammar Cards

Five Pack of Grammar Cards

Five Pack of Grammar Cards Plus

Five Pack - Both Sets of Grammar Cards







2590   Run On Sentence Pattern This learning aid provides individuals with a pattern to help them understand punctuation of sentences to avoid run-on sentences. Pad of 40 (81/2 x11) pages $2.50

2592 Run On Sentence Pattern Laminated Page                                                                                         $4.00

I Can Do It My Way

es and Screening for Those Differences


Characteristics of Learning Differences and Screening for Those Differences

C-SIP Cooper Screening of Information Processing Dr. Cooper has recently completed a revision of the Cooper Screening of Information Processing. Although there has been little change in the content of the screening instrument, he has made it easier to administer. A new video has been produced which includes Dr. Cooper administering the Screening and explaining how it is constructed and how to administer it to adults and children with various learning and attention problems. Dr. Cooper has prepared a manual for the Screening which will help educators to use the screening not only as a way to determine if there is a need for additional testing for learning disabilities but also as a way to determine instructional techniques based on the results found in the screening. Single copies are free. Multiple copies are $0.20 each to cover the cost of duplication.

3010 VIDEO: C-SIP (Cooper Screening of Information Processing)   This 97 minute video features Dr. Cooper demonstrating how he screens individuals for learning problems with explanations about what the client's responses indicate (5 copies of the screening are included with the video).                                                                                                                 $15.00

3020 C-SIP Manual (Cooper Screening of Information Processing) This manual provides instructions for the administration of the Cooper Screening of Information Processing. It describes the purpose of each section and provides examples of students’ responses to the skills section. $5.00

3025  Learning Differences, Problems and Disabilities: Selected Topics (3rd edition)

This is a collection of 60 short articles from the Learning disAbilities Newsletter written by Dr. Richard Cooper. The articles cover various aspects of learning differences, problems, and disabilities and the affect they have on the acquisition of academic skills and the daily functioning of children and adults. The articles include explanation about how individuals think and techniques for increasing academic, employment, life and social skills. $14.95


3030  VIDEO: Characteristics of Learning Problems  One of the most popular of Dr. Cooper's presentations, this video details the perceptual, processing and communication differences which cause individuals to think differently. He details a model for how most people learn and how others learn differently. This framework of learning is connected to all of the learning material in this catalog.                                                                            $15.00


Video Tapes

A number of Dr. Cooper's presentations have been video taped, and he has made others in response to requests from parents and teachers. The video quality of these tapes vary, but the content is informative about learning differences. The videos done in front of live audiences are indicated with (Au) after the video title. Videos which are listed in other sections of this catalog are listed in the table on the next page. Page numbers are provided for easy reference to their descriptions.

3101  VIDEO: Faculty Training Session  (Au) This one hour presentation to a community college faculty explains some of the difficulties students with learning problems encounter in college.                                                                                                                            $15.00


3112 VIDEO: Tutor Training Session  (Au) This 110 minute video tape of a training session for volunteer tutors explains the common learning problems that affect basic academic skills.                                                                                                                                            $15.00


3123 VIDEO: Concrete Career Counseling  (Au) This 56 minute video discusses issues that individuals with learning differences encounter in employment situations.                $15.00


3134  VIDEO: Identifying Learning Problems  (Au) This 1 hour, 40 minute presentation made to adult educators and volunteer tutors discusses what to look for in a student who has difficulty learning. The "red flags" (common behaviors and errors) are described.         $15.00


Preview the C-SIP online at www.learningdifferences.com



3145  VIDEO: Inclusion of Students with Learning Disabilities  (Au) This 1 hour, 45 minute presentation at a school district In-service program discusses ways to meet the needs of children with learning disabilities in the regular classroom.                                        $15.00


3156 VIDEO: Learning Problems in Language  (Au) This 2 hour, 50 minute video was recorded at the National Laubach Conference in 1992 for reading tutors and teachers. In this video, Dr. Cooper discusses ideas for teaching reading and other academic skills to adults.                                                                                                                                           $15.00


3367  VIDEO: Adults with Learning Problems  This 78 minute video was part of a teleconference produced by the Kentucky Educational Television which aired in 1991. In it Dr. Cooper discusses learning disabilities, problems and differences, and he answers questions from the national viewing audience.                                                               $15.00


3378  VIDEO: Concentration Video  A 53 minute instructional video which provides an optimistic perspective about attention problems (ADD). Dr. Cooper discusses different types of attention problems, possible causes and solutions. The second part of the video contains concentration exercises to help children and adults with attention problems.                  $19.95


3389 VIDEO: Test Anxiety  This 30 minute video provides information for both students and teachers about the symptoms of test anxiety and techniques for controlling it. Dr. Cooper addresses self-image and memory techniques.                                                                  $15.00


3391  Video: Instructional Demonstration  Dr. Cooper has been asked repeatedly to video tape demonstrations of him working with students. This 30 minute video contains three 10 minute segments, teaching reading, spelling and math.                                                     $15.00


These videos are found in other sections of the catalog. They are listed here for your convenience. Please reference the catalog number when ordering.


                Title                                             Item Number     Page

Tic Tac Toe Math Training                             1110                    Page 2

Tic Tac Toe Math Workbook I                      1120                 Page 2

Tic Tac Toe Math Workbook II                     1130                 Page 2

Tic Tac Toe Math Workbook III                     1140                 Page 2

Tic Tac Toe Math Workbook IV                      1150                 Page 2

Advanced Tic Tac Toe Math: The Cube         1170                 Page 3

Teaching Math                                             1302                 Page 4

Sight/Sound System                                     2105                 Page 5

Improving Reading Comprehension             2150                 Page 5

Vocabulary Workbook                             2225                 Page 6

Writing Skills                                             2315                 Page 6

Spelling Workbook (Au)                             2420                 Page 7

C-SIP Cooper Screening                             3010                 Page 8

Characteristics of Learning Diff.(Au)     3030                 Page 8

If I Learn Differently                                     6110                 Page 12

Avoidance Activities (Au)                             6468                 Page 12

Social Skills (Au)                                             6685                 Page 13

Note Taking                                                     6795                 Page 13



Different and Proud of It



Audio Tapes

Relaxation and Self-improvement Tapes

Each are 60 minutes in length, 30 minutes each side

4101   Stress Reduction $7.95

    On the stress reduction recording, Dr. Cooper describes a number of simple exercises which a person can use to relax and eliminate stress.

Side 1: Exercises to reduce stress

Side 2: A guided visualization into a relaxed state



 4105   Test Anxiety Reduction $7.95

Test anxiety is real, and for the person who experiences it, this anxiety can make the difference between success and failure. This recording can help individuals who suffer from test anxiety.    

Side 1: Techniques to reduce test anxiety  

Side2: A guided visualization through testing situations



 4111   Self-Confidence Building $7.95

On this recording, Dr. Cooper provides the listener with ideas about how learning differently can be a positive thing and contribute to improved self-confidence.

Side 1: Ideas to improve self-confidence

Side 2: A guided visualization on improved self-image



4115   Improving Concentration $7.95

Many individuals who have difficulties concentrating can improve their concentration skills by learning a few basic techniques and practicing them. Dr. Cooper shares some of the techniques he has found helpful with many adults and children with attention problems.

Side 1: Exercises to increase concentration

Side 2: A guided visualization about concentration



4120   Social Skills  $7.95

Since people learn social skills, these skills can be affected by learning differences. Dr. Cooper discusses ways to improve social skills       

Side 1: Exercises to increase social skills

Side 2: A guided visualization about improving social skills



4125   Speaking Up   $7.95

Asking questions, speaking up in a group, interactions, talking to strangers, and public speaking can produce anxiety in many people. This recording provides exercises for improving one’s ability to speak up.

Side 1: Exercises to increase speaking up

Side 2: A guided visualization about communication skills







Special Offers

Set of three tapes for

Set of four tapes for

Set of five tapes for

Set of six tapes for







 Audio Recordings of Presentations

Many of Dr. Cooper's presentations have been audio taped. We have selected the following for distribution. These tapes are not professionally recorded but the content is good.

4210  Interview about Learning Differences, Problems and Disabilities (25 minutes) $4.50


4215 Radio Interviews in English and Spanish about learning differences (30 minutes) $4.50


4220 Positive Self-Image A recording of Dr. Cooper’s presentation to parents and children about using positive language to describe individuals with learning differences. (25 minutes) $4.50





Technology can be the difference between success and failure for many people. Dr Cooper has found the following products very helpful for developing literacy skills and compensating for deficiencies.

Franklin Spelling and Language Aids

5102 Spelling ACE Spell Check (now with a thesaurus) This powerful language tool allows students to check the spelling of words. It also includes word games. However, it does not pronounce the words. $35.95


5105 Speaking Spelling Ace Spell Check. This language tool not only aids spelling but can also help students with reading problems. The student types in a word and presses the SAY button for the pronunciation of the word. It also includes word games. $95.95


5110  Bookman Speaking Spelling Check, Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus. The Bookman is a hand-held speaking spell check, dictionary and thesaurus which accepts additional electronic book cards. $125.00


5116  LM  6000  Language Master Speaking Dictionary and Thesaurus.  This speaking dictionary and thesaurus checks spelling and has a larger screen than the others. Also, the size of the print can be increased for easier reading. Includes Grammar Guide and Word Games $225.00


(Contact our office for more detailed descriptions of these machines.)


Talking Calculators

Dr. Cooper has found that some individuals with processing problems have difficulty using calculators because they might enter numbers incorrectly. He has found that the talking calculator compensates for this problem by providing the person with auditory feedback; thus reducing errors.

5201  Talking Calculator: This calculator enables students who need to hear the numbers and operations when they enter them into the calculator. These calculators, which were used primarily by individuals with vision problems, have been found to be very helpful for individuals with various learning differences. $24.95


5203  Talking Calculator with earphone: This calculator with an ear phone enables students who need to hear the numbers and operations when they enter them into the calculator. The ear phone allows the person to use the Talking Calculator without disturbing others nearby. $36.59


Audio Equipment

5310 Tape Player plays both standard cassette tapes and the Library for the Blind Books on Tape at half speed and on four sides. $110.00


Visual Aids

Individuals with visual perceptional problems may have difficulty tracking reading material. The following aids are assistive devices which help individuals with tracking.

5520 Page Magnifiers Thin, flexible, inexpensive magnifiers assist reading. (6" x 8.5") $2.95



5530 6" Magnifying Tracking Bar This six inch magnifier doubles the size of the print and is designed to allow the reader to follow a straight line on a page. One end has a handle which makes for easy tracking and it is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. $7.95


5532   Cloth Case for 6" Magnifying Tracking Bar $0.95



5540  12" Magnifying Tracking Bar This twelve inch magnifier doubles the size of the print and, like the six inch bar, is designed to allow the reader to follow a straight line on a page. This larger bar works well with larger publications such as textbooks, newspapers, and magazines. $10.95


5542 Cloth Case for 12" Magnifying Tracking Bar $1.05


Study and

Organizational Tools

6100  If I Learn Differently, Shouldn't I Study Differently This guide to alternative study techniques provides teachers, parents and learners with ideas about how students can use their strengths rather than their weaknesses to study. There are examples of study techniques and worksheets to help the person track the behaviors and study habits. $12.00


6110   VIDEO: If I Learn Differently, Shouldn't I Study Differently  A 30 minute video in which Dr. Cooper discusses the alternative study techniques which are described in the guide.                                                                                                                                $15.00


6220   Alphabet Bookmarks These bookmarks have the alphabet printed in upper and lower case, print and script. They are designed to be reminders for individuals who cannot remember the sequences of the letters of the alphabet or how to form them in writing. Each dictionary should have one. Pack of 20 $0.50

Personal Project Planners

Personal Project Planners


  Many individuals with organizational problems do not know how to anticipate and plan all the steps involved in a task or assignment. These worksheets (30 sheet pad of 8.5" x 11") provide students with spaces in which to write the individual steps involved in each task they are planning. Each space has a line underneath it for the time or date for the completion of each step.

6310   Personal Project Planner Sheet I 9 space project planner. $1.50

6312   Personal Project Planner Sheet II 12 space project planner. $1.50

6314   Personal Project Planner Sheet III 16 space project planner. $1.50

6318   Personal Project Planner Sheet IV 20 space project planner. $1.50


6325   Personal Project Planner Sampler 10 pages of each of the sheets listed above. $5.00


6330 Personal Project Planner Sheet I Laminated One laminated sheet which can be reused. Ideal for use by teachers to demonstrate how to use the PPPs. $4.00



6450  Procrastination To Do List This pad (8.5" x 11") of 40 pages helps students to remember the things they need to do and to think through why they may not have completed tasks which remain on the list at the end of the day. $1.50

6454 Package of Five Pads $5.95


6460   Avoidance Worksheet This worksheet comes in a pad of 40 sheets (8.5" x 11") printed on both sides with spaces to fill in the reasons why a person is avoiding an activity, possible causes and solutions. A copy of an article by Dr. Cooper about avoidance behavior is included. $2.00

6462 Package of Five Pads $6.95


6468  VIDEO: Avoidance Activities   (Au) A 30 minute video presentation about how avoidance activities limit students’ learning ability. Dr. Cooper also suggests techniques for breaking avoidance patterns.                                                                                     $15.00


If I Learn Differently, Why Shouldn't I study Differently



6680  Social Skills Worksheet This worksheet comes in a pad of 40 sheets (8.5" x 11") printed on both sides with spaces to fill in the details about the weak social skills that a person manifests, possible causes and solutions. Copies of two articles by Dr. Cooper about social skills are included. $2.00

6682   Package of Five Pads $6.95


6685 VIDEO: Social Skills  A one hour, 15 minute presentation to a group of parents and students about the social skill problems associated with learning difficulties. Dr. Cooper discusses possible causes and suggestions for dealing with various social behaviors. $15.00


6690 Reactive and Proactive Worksheet

Some individuals with learning problems find themselves constantly fighting to keep up. Many do not know how to plan. This worksheet helps individuals understand their reactive tendencies and find ways to be more proactive. The worksheet comes in a pad of 40 sheets (8.5" x 11") printed on both sides with spaces to fill in the reactive behaviors and plans for proactive behaviors. $2.50

6710 Driving Booklet This is a study guide for students preparing to take the driver's test. It contains ideas about how to compensate for learning problems, study questions and a glossary of terms. $4.95

6750   Study Cards Many students use flash cards as study aids. More than simple flash cards, these 3" x 5" cards are printed with lines and spaces to help students organize their thoughts and remind them of the information they need to collect. The student collects page number, categorize the information and draw memory clues. Once the cards are made, they can be used to organize the material in different ways to provide different perspectives on a subject. A sample of a completed card is included. Packet of 100 $4.95

6752   Package of 500 cards $19.95

6760 Large Study Cards 5" x 7" These study cards are printed with the same lines and spaces as the smaller study cards. The larger size enables students to write larger or include more information on each card. Packet of 100 $8.50

6762   Package of 500 cards $36.95

6780   Mnemonic Note Paper This note paper is designed by Dr. Cooper to aid students who learn differently. To help students with organization, the note paper contains spaces to be filled in about what the notes are about. The front page is divided into different areas to allow for regular notes, mnemonic clues and cross references. The backside of the note paper has spaces for the collection of vocabulary and visualizations. Pack of 50 sheets (3 hole punched, 60 lb paper). $2.95

6782 500 sheets Mnemonic Note Paper (3 hole punched, 60 lb paper) $12.95

6785   Mnemonic Note Paper Notebook 70 pages (wire bound, 60 lb paper) $3.95


6790 Frameworks The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" can be particularly true for people who have weak language skills. Many such individuals find it difficult to remember and recall words but find it very easy to remember and recall pictures. Frameworks are designed to help students take advantage of their strong visual memory for learning. Each of the ten pictures (steps, tracks, house, person, tree, quadrants, circle, triangle, columns and ovals) are made so that the user can fill them in with the items being learned. Students use these diagrams for organizing and remembering material. The 10 Frameworks are printed on 8.5" x 11" paper (pack contains 5 sheets of each). $5.00


6795  VIDEO: Note Taking  In this 30 minute video, Dr. Cooper explains some of the reasons it is so difficult for individuals who learn differently to take notes. He then demonstrates the use of Study Cards, the Comprehension Companion, Mnemonic Note Paper, Frameworks and other alternative note taking techniques.                                $15.00






Motivational Items



7110    TEE SHIRT

We have a tee shirt

which serves as an
affirmation. This dark

blue shirt features a

line sketch of Albert
Einstein and the
formula "E = mc ".
Printed underneath the

Excellence = me x concentration        $12.00


7120    COFFEE MUG  
White Mug with
"Different and
Proud of It!"
printed in blue      $4.95



Affirmations are effective tools for improving self-esteem and self-confidence. These statements, printed in two colors, are affirmations and motivators for teachers, parents, tutors, staff and students. The stickers can be placed on notebooks, book covers, mirrors, refrigerators, etc. to remind us that learning differently is OK. The paper weights can be used to help organize papers and serve as reminders. The plaques can either stand on a shelf or desk or be hung on a wall.



Stickers come in sets of five. A set of 5 of the same sticker. $1.29

                          7210                                                                                                           7211

I Might Learn

Differently, But I

Learn Well

In A Free Society,

Learning To Read Is

A Right Not A


                            7212                                                                                                                 7213

I Support A New


I Can Do It My Way

                            7214                                                                                                                    7215

Different And

Proud Of It!

I Read Every Day

                            7216                                                                                                                   7217

I Read To My

Children Every Day

One Step At a Time


7250   Set of 20 of the same sticker                                          $4.75

7255   Set of 50 of the same sticker                                          $10.95

7260   Set of 5 of three different stickers         (15 stickers) $3.25

7265   Set of 5 of five different stickers            (25 stickers)         $5.95

7270   Set of 5 of all eight stickers                     (40 stickers)        $8.50


Paper Weights

These paper weights come with the same affirmations as the stickers. They are rounded stones (approximately 10 oz). with the affirmations painted on them.


7320      I Might Learn Differently But I Learn Well

7321     In A Free Society, Learning to Read Is A Right Not A Privilege

7322     I Support A New Reader

7323     I Can Do It My Way

7324     Different And Proud Of It

7325     I Read Every Day

7326     I Read To My Children Every Day

7327     One Step At A Time

                                                                    Each Paper Weight      $4.50


Wooden Plaques

The wooden plaques (5" x 7") are finished pine with the affirmations painted on them.


7430      I Might Learn Differently But I Learn Well

7431     In A Free Society, Learning to Read Is A Right Not A Privilege

7432     I Support A New Reader

7433     I Can Do It My Way

7434     Different And Proud Of It

7435     I Read Every Day

7436     I Read To My Children Every Day

7437     One Step At A Time

                                                                                               Each Plaque       $6.75




Personalized Note Pads

Personalized Note Pads can be used to motivate or to convey a message. Teachers, parents do you have a favorite saying? Each pad (4 1/4 x 5 1/2, a quarter of a standard sheet of paper) contain 50 sheets. You can either send us an exact copy of your design, words and graphic, or you can let us design your pad.

Here are a few examples:


Scott’s Notes

From Brian’s Brain

James’ Thoughts

Take Notice!

From Bill’s Desk


7810 Minimum order 10 pads (500 sheets) of the same design. $8.95

7812 15 pads (750 sheets) of the same design. $11.95

7814 20 pads (1,000 sheets) of the same design. $13.95



These monographs are short articles by Dr. Cooper based on his observations of thousands of individuals with learning differences, problems and disabilities and his personal experiences with his own learning differences.


8010 Writing with a Word Processor This practical guide describes how to use a word processor to compensate for some learning problems. The first part of the paper discusses how the standard word processing functions can help a person with learning problems, while the second part gives very specialized techniques for certain types of learning problems. $2.00


8015 Spelling This paper explains the root problems which cause spelling difficulties and offers techniques for learning and teaching spelling to compensate for some of these problems. The information includes how to identify which words should be studied and a number of effective spelling techniques. $2.00


8020 Quantitative Concepts In this paper Dr. Cooper explains why some people have problems learning math. Quantitative perceptions and math anxiety are discussed. Additionally, techniques for teaching quantitative concepts are given.   $2.00


8025 How to Succeed in College This paper is designed to help college students with learning problems, and people who work with these students, to improve their understanding of how to use available resources. The ideas presented can improve the students’ chances for success. Topics include: self-advocacy, self-image, study skills, work habits and balancing social life with academics and more. $2.00


8030 Concrete Career Counseling The concept of concrete career counseling, developed by Dr. Cooper, is explained. This is a viable method for helping individuals with learning problems obtain work experience and gain information about career options. $2.00


8035 Right/Left Discrimination Problems (Either/Or Confusion) Many individuals with learning differences find that learning items which are similar is difficult because these items are easily confused. This monograph explores right/left discrimination problems and describes techniques for eliminating confusions and reversals. $2.00


8040 Math Problems In this monograph the author describes the learning differences which result in problems with learning math. Many of the same problems which cause difficulties with reading and spelling make it difficult for some students to learn and remember number facts and math operations. $2.00


8045 The Racing Mind This monograph contains descriptions of the positive and negative aspects of the "racing mind", the term Dr. Cooper uses instead of attention deficit disorder. $2.00


8050 Accommodating Individuals with Learning Problems This monograph lists some of the usual, and some unusual, accommodations which enable students with learning differences to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in academic settings. $2.00



8055 Problems with Organization This monograph explores why some individuals who think differently have difficulty with organization. Included are ideas for improving organization skills. $2.00


8060 Patterns This monograph describes the many ways that individuals who learn differently use patterns for learning and recalling information. Dr. Cooper explains how he uses patterns as a learning and teaching tool. Techniques include patterns in math, reading, spelling, writing and other academic subjects. $2.00


8120  Three monographs for $5.00

8122   Five monographs for          $8.00

8124   Seven monographs for $11.00

8126   Ten monographs for          $13.50

8128   All eleven monographs for $15.00


Double Take

Note Paper

Carbonless Duplicating Notebooks,

Tablets and Loose Leaf Sheets

Double Take Notebooks, Tablets and Loose Leaf Sheets have become the largest selling products in this catalog. This note paper is used by many individuals with disabilities in universities, colleges, technical, adult education programs and high schools These note taking aids are designed to provide an extra set of notes for the user. Many students with various disabilities are unable to take notes as other students can. These students often must make copies of other students' notes or, worse, rely on their own inadequate notes. For example, the student with a learning disability, who cannot spell well, may spend much time out of class trying to understand his or her notes. The student with an auditory processing problem, who cannot listen and write at the same time, often takes few or no written notes. Students who are physically challenged or hearing impaired also find these note taking aids helpful.

Although these duplicating notebooks are designed to accommodate those with disabilities, any student who needs as extra set of notes will find the Double Take Note Paper a convenient way to obtain a copy of notes. The Double Take Products come in a variety of formats to meet the needs and preferences of the students who purchase and use them or the institutions which provide accommodations to their disabled students or employees.




The Double Take Notebooks are wire spiral bound. Each notebook contains 40 double sheets, 40 white sheets (the original) and 40 yellow (the copy) sheets. One copy of the notes is removed from the notebook for a student who needs a set of notes. A card stock insert (included) is placed behind the yellow sheet so that the notes do not copy onto additional sheets. The notebooks come in two forms: regular lined and graph paper.

9101  Double Take Notebook                          40 double sheets                  $7.95

9105   Double Take Graph Paper Notebook     40 double sheets                 $7.95

Two copies can be obtained from this new addition to the Double Take Products. These notebooks contain 27 triple sheets, 27 white (the original) 27 yellow copies and 27 pink copies. The notebooks with triple sheets (81 pages) are about the same thickness as those with double sheets (80 pages)

9109     Double Take Notebook                        27 triple sheets                    $7.95




The Double Take Tablets similar to the Notebooks, they contain 40 double sheets. But instead of being held together by wire bounding, the tablets are double glued. The first gluing process binds the white and yellow sheets together so that each pair of white (original) and yellow (copy) sheets stay together so the notes line up properly on the copy. The second gluing binds the 40 double sheets together into a pad. They can be easily torn from the pad or folded up after being used. The yellow sheet is easily separated from the white sheet to provide a student with a set of notes.


9201   Double Take Tablet                         40 double sheets $6.95


9205 Double Take Graph Paper Tablet 40 double sheets $6.95

Like the Notebooks, two copies can be obtained from the Double Take triple sheet pad. Each pad contains 27 triple sheets, 27 white (the original) 27 yellow copies and 27 pink copies. The tablets with triple sheets (81 pages) are about the same thickness as those with double sheets (80 pages)


9209   Double Take Tablet                            27 triple sheets       $6.95


Loose Leaf Sheets

Double Take Loose Leaf Sheets come in either double or triple sets. Double Sheets have a white original and a yellow copy. The triple sheets have a white original and a yellow and pink copy. Each set is glued to keep the copy or copies lined up with the original. The Double Take Loose Leaf Sheets are also available three hole punched. The loose leaf sheets package with triple sheets (501 pages) are comparable to those with double sheets (500 pages).


9301   250 double sheets $22.00

9305   250 double sheets graph paper $22.00

9309   167 triple sheets $23.00


Three hole punched

9312   250 double sheets $24.00

9315   250 double sheets graph paper $24.00

9318   167 triple sheets $25.00


The most economical way to purchase Double Take: The loose leaf sheets package with triple sheets (1,002 pages) are comparable to those with double sheets (1,000 pages).

9401   500 double sheets                                             $38.00

9405   500 double sheets graph paper                       $38.00

9409   334 triple sheets                                               $39.00


Three hole punched

9412   500 double sheets                                              $40.00

9415   500 double sheets graph paper                        $40.00

9418   334 triple sheets                                               $41.00


Training Catalog

    Dr. Cooper is a very popular speaker and teacher. He brings a unique perspective to the field of learning differences as a person who has succeeded in school despite his own learning problems. During the 18 years that he has been in private practice working with children and adults with learning differences, problems and disabilities, he has developed a number of workshops, courses and presentations. Audiences include individuals who learn differently, teachers, volunteer tutors, parents, employers and human resource personnel, medical students, psychologists and college faculties.

The Training Catalog provides a description of each of the training topics. The topics are grouped into four sections 1) Topics of General Interest, 2) Topics for Elementary and Secondary Teachers, 3) Topics for College and Adult Educators, and 4) Topics for Employers.

If you would like Dr. Cooper to make a presentation or to receive the Training Catalog, contact our office toll free by calling 800-869-8336 or download the Training Catalog from our web site at www.learningdifferences.com.


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2000   LDR  Order  Form




9980  Proceedings: Symposium's Proceedings, edited by Dr. Daryl Mellard, March 1997. The Symposium was held on Sept. 25 at the 1996 Conference of the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs in New Orleans, LA. This publication is part of a research project funded by the National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research conducted by the University of Kansas and Kansas State University. 113 pages. $12.00

This publication is produced by the University of Kansas and can be purchased from the University for the same price.