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Learning Differences Center

The Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education has funded the Learning Differences Center through a Statewide Leadership Grant. The grant was awarded to Stairways Behavioral Health in Erie which also operates the Northwest Professional Development Center. The Center’s Director is Dr. Richard Gacka and the Project Coordinator is Bootsie Barbour. They will head the Center’s activities which include a wide range of training activities to improve the state’s delivery of services to adults who learn differently. The Center will coordinate the training and technical assistance activities offered by Dr. Cooper, the Bridges to Practice training, the training modules offered through the South-Central PDC and future training activities. The Center will bring together resources from around the state that impact the instruction of adults with learning differences.


Director: Dr. Richard Gacka, 814-878-2005, [email protected]

Project Coordinator: Bootsie Barbour, 814-878-2008, [email protected]

Scheduling of Dr. Cooper training: Lorraine Bucklin, 814-878-2010, [email protected]

Questions about adults with learning differences:
Dr. Richard Cooper, 800-869-8336, [email protected], www.learningdifferences.com 

LDC link on ABLE site: www.paadulted.org.



C-SIP On-line:

Through the efforts of Dr. Richard Gacka, the director of the Learning Differences Center in Erie, PA, the Public Television Station in Erie, PA video taped Dr. Cooper assessing an adult learner suspected of having a learning disability.  The video is now available on the Internet at http://www.q-multi-media.com/stairways.  The Learning Differences Center is piloting internet based training on the C-SIP.  They would like feedback on the clarity and usefulness of the web site.  Please visit and review the components of the site.  Comments can be seen to Dr. Rich Gacka at [email protected]