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This is the page that will contain information about the updating of the Learning Differences Web Site and recent news and developments in the work of Dr. Richard Cooper. 

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UPDATED 9/04/00

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To meet the needs of educators with learning and attention differences, Dr. Cooper is initiating a new organization, The Pegasus Group.   This organization will begin as part of the Center for Alternative Learning and, after it has grown, will become an independent organization.  The concept of this new group of educators with learning differences is to provide a network of educators, a support system for those having difficulties, and a forum for information sharing.   There is a $15.00 fee to become part of the Pegasus Group and gain access to the organization page on the Center's web site.  The organization will operate primarily on the Internet at this website,  www.learningdifferences.com/pegasus.   Contact Dr. Cooper if you are interested in becoming a member or if you desire more information about the organization.  Watch this page for more details.
QUESTIONS and ANSWERS from Dr. Cooper.   Click here and go see if your question has been answered yet.
Dr Cooper presented in the morning Carousel sessions at the 8th Annual Inter-Regional Conference, co-sponsored by NWPDC and SWPDC; it was held June 16, 2000 at the Sheraton Inn Pittsburgh North in Mars, PA.      Dr. Cooper's   topic,  "Alternative Instructional Techniques for Adults with Learning Differences",  provided practitioners a chance to participate in a question/answer session about how to match instructional techniques to the needs of individual learners.
Dr. Cooper has completed a MANUAL for his C-SIP:Cooper - Screening of Information Processing form.  Click here to take a look at it now.   You can access it and the C-SIP FORM from the web site's Main Page.
Learning disAbilities Resources 2000 Catalog is available by mail and is on the web site. (The correct links read "LDR 200 Catalog".)  If you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive the new catalog, simply call 1-800-869-8336.  To go there now, click here.

The CURRENT NEWSLETTER, the June 2000 issue, is available on the web site.   Click here to go there now.

PAACE 2000  Dr. Cooper presented twice on Wednesday, Feb. 2 and once on Friday, Feb. 4. at Pennsylvania's 35th Annual Adult Education Midwinter Conference held at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center. 

Wednesday he presented on "An Overview of Recent Research on Learning Disabilities" where he summarized recent findings and how they might impact adult educators' classroom and teaching strategies.  He also discussed a number of long term research projects, sponsored by the National Institute for Health (NIFL), investigating various aspects of learning and disabilities. 

He left that session and immediately joined the end of the session, "Bridges to Practice - An Overview", where he participated in the discussion on the best practices in working with adults who learn differently and adults with learning disabilities.  This national initiative was developed through funding from the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL).

Friday Dr. Cooper presented a session on "Techniques for Teaching Writing to Adults with Weak Written Language Skills".   He provided participants with many techniques that he has found helpful in teaching writing skills to adults with poor written language skills.  He demonstrated in an interactive workshop which emphasized alternative ways to understand and present the structure of language along with strategies for motivating reluctant writers.  His examples came from one of his new resources, his new instructional guide and workbook, Writing Skills for Individuals Who Learn Differently.   You can order this new teaching resource from his 2000 LDR Catalog. Click here to go to the catalog now.

On December 3, 1999, Dr. Cooper presented two workshops at ARIN IU in Indiana, PA.  The morning session was on   "Employability Skills and Learning Disabilities"  and the afternoon one was on "Multilevel Classroom Techniques".
Dr. Cooper presented at the Penn Ohio Conference XV held at the Sheraton Inn Pittsburgh North in Mars, PA on November 12, 1999.  He presented on "Accommodations and Adaptations for Special Populations" during the morning carousel sessions and on "C-SIP, the Cooper Screening of Information Processing" in the afternoon session.

     Please continue to check the site often to keep updated with the work and resources of Dr. Richard Cooper.  If you notice an error, please send us a note via  feedback and we'll correct it.  Thanks for your help and support.

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