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Serving Adults and Children Who Learn Differently

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Vol. 21

April 2003

No. 1

The Center for        Alternative Learning
The instructional programs at the Center for Alternative Learning now include a Basic Academic Skills Class at the Darby office of the Delaware County Department of Welfare.  The schedule is as follows: 

Basic Academic Skills 
10:00 – 12:00 AM Tues. & Thurs. at the County Assistance Office, 845 Main St., Darby, PA. 

This class is for adults who want to improve their reading, writing and math skills so that they can prepare for the GED.  

We also offer adult basic education individual tutoring in reading, writing and math skills conducted at the Center by trained tutors.

English as another Language Classes:
10:00  – 12:00 AM Tues. & Thurs. 
7:00 –  9:00 PM Tues. & Thurs.
10:00  –  12:00 AM Saturday

These classes are offered at the Center at 6 East Eagle Rd. in Havertown.  The teachers and tutors in these classes provide adults who want to improve their English skills with practice in conversation and assistance with reading and writing English.

New Employee at the Center: 
Ms. Laura Taylor has joined the staff of the Center.  She worked as an AmeriCorp Volunteer and then in a Family Program in Williamsport, PA.  Laura’s primary responsibility will be working with the adult education program but she also plays a role in our program with the Dept of Welfare.  Laura will coordinate the recruitment, training and scheduling of volunteers and conduct student assessments.  Most of the time when you call our office, Laura will be the person answering the phone.  Please welcome her to the Center.

  To obtain additional information about our adult education programs, to set up an appointment, and to register for classes or tutoring, please contact our office at 610-446-6126   

  Dr. Cooper attended and presented at the International Research and European Policy Conference on Dyslexia in Uppsala, Sweden on August 14th.  He presented Teaching Math to Individuals with Dyslexia.  The Conference was held at the Main Hall at the University of Uppsala.  Presenters from a number of countries in Europe and from the United Stated shared research findings, intervention methods, and policy issues. 

Dr. Cooper's
National Speaking Schedule

Dr. Cooper had the privilege of addressing the Arkansas Association for Adult and Continuing Education in September 2002.  His keynote address provided participants with an overview of the Characteristics of Learning Differences.  Each of the two concurrent sessions he conducted, one on writing and the other on math, were attended by more than 100 conference participants. 

Virginia Adult Education Conference

Two workshops in Alexandria, Virginia, March 14th

National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs

Three workshops in Columbus, Ohio, March 16th -18th 

Indiana Corrections Education Conference

Four workshops in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 20th  & 21st 

Indy Reads   
Saturday morning questions and answers with students and tutors in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 22nd

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