Mnemonic note paper

   We have enclosed a sheet of Mnemonic Notepaper demonstrating how it might be used to take notes about Tic Tac Toe Math; click here to see an overview of the worksheet.  This notepaper was developed by Dr. Cooper for students who need alternative techniques for note taking.  The paper is designed to enhance organization, learning, memory and self-confidence.  The notepaper is printed differently on each side to ensure organization and provide space for specific information.

        Organization:  Since many students with learning differences have difficulty with organization, this notepaper has build-in help for students to improve their organization skills.  Specifically, there are spaces for name, date, note page number.  The notepaper can be used for class notes or reading assignments with space on top of the page to identify the activity.   Notes are made only on the front of the notepaper so that students can find information more easily.

        Learning:  Learning is enhanced when the students use the cross reference column to the right of the page.  Here students make reference to other notes, reading material, study cards and other sources of information.  By consciously linking information, students  improve their learning.  On the bottom there is a spot for a teacher, tutor or other helper to mark that the notes have been checked for accuracy.  This will reduce the students' frustration caused by studying and learning inaccurate information which might be recorded in the notes.  On the back there are spaces for re-writing key concepts/terms and a WorkNet for the collection of vocabulary or spelling words. 

       Memory:  The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" is especially true for individuals who possess weak language skills.  The column on the left of the notepaper and a quarter of the back page are designed for students to translate their notes into mnemonics, illustrations, symbols or diagrams.  These visuals are often easier to remember than words, especially for students who have weak language skills or weak vocabularies.   On the back there is also space for jotting down questions as they come up, so the questions are not forgotten. 

       Self-Confidence is improved because, by completing the various parts of the notepaper, the students feel a sense of achievement, and the students can concretely demonstrate that by checking Mastered at the bottom of the page when they feel confident that the material on that page has been mastered.