Parts of Speech Poster

As many of our readers know, Dr. Cooper developed Tic Tac Toe Math, a method for doing math for those who cannot remember the times tables. He has observed (over the 12 years since he developed Tic Tac Toe Math) that students who are good with visual patterns learn Tic Tac Toe Math the quickest. Some students seem to learn and remember information when they can see patterns. On the following page is a reduced size copy of the Parts of Speech Poster which Dr. Cooper designed to help students see the patterns in the structure of language. Seeing the structure of language as patterns makes it easy for some students to learn and understand parts of speech. When a student sees that a sentence is most often formed by going left to right (noun to verb, pronoun to verb), the structure of language becomes concrete. The sentence can start with an article. Adjectives are added to modify nouns, adverbs are added to describe verbs. Prepositional phrases go from the bottom right to the top left. In the next Learning disAbilities Resources Catalog a laminated copy of this page will be available. Students will be able to use an erasable marker to trace the patterns of different sentences.