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This is the page that will contain information about the updating of the Learning Differences Web Site and recent news and developments in the work of Dr. Richard Cooper.   In 2003, we are continuing to improve the existing format and add new sections.  Thank you for your understanding.  We welcome any suggestions or comments. The web site is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

UPDATED 09/19/2003




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Weekly  Mnemonic:  A number of teachers and students have asked to have the Mnemonic Clue of the Week (link found on Main Page) sent to them each week.   If you would like to receive this service, send your e-mail address to [email protected]

Web Courses: Dr. Cooper is converting three of his training sessions, Characteristics of Adults who Learn Differently, Alternative Reading Techniques for Individuals with Reading Problems and Teaching Writing to Individuals with Weak Language Skills into on-line courses.  

The "Characteristics" on-line course became available in February 2003.  Students have registered from the following states: Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey, Indiana,  Ohio, Alaska, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Kansas, Missouri, and Louisana.

 International Speaking Opportunities: Dr. Cooper attended the International Research and European Policy Conference on Dyslexia in Uppsala, SWEDEN August 14 - 18, 2002.  He presented a session on Intervention: Alternative Math Techniques for Individuals with Dyslexia on August 15, 2002.
In the News:  On the Main Page, check out the new feature, In The News, which links to articles about Dr. Cooper's work and activities.  If you find an article about Dr. Cooper, please e-mail it to [email protected]
The Learning disabilities 2002 / 2003 Catalog is  the current online catalog.  Check out the innovative learning aids by looking at the complete catalog, a topical index or a page by page index.  To go directly to the order form, click here.   (NOTE:  Make sure the link says LDR 2002 or  LDR 2003 to be in the most recent catalog.)
Newsletter:  As of January 2002, the newsletter had been out of circulation for about 11 months because of the heavy speaking schedule that Dr. Cooper had during 2001.  He made presentations at more than 10 adult education conferences, taught two courses at Louisiana State University, conducted more than 70 presentations in Pennsylvania and attended four professional meetings. He apologizes for that interruption in the newsletter circulation and is working on ways to have it published again on a more regular basis.  If there are any questions about the newsletter or its content, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your patience.  The current one is the  April 2003 newsletter and it is available on-line.  Dr Cooper continued a busy speaking schedule in 2002 and 2003 along with teaching an online course, transforming  the Characteristics of Adults With Learning Differences training into an online course, and writing a math aid book.  
Changes: The Learning Disabilities Newsletter has a new look with eye catching headings and colored pictures starting in the 2002 issues.
Where's Dr. Cooper? During the 2002-2003 Program Year, the Northwest PDC will be working with Dr. Richard Cooper to schedule trainings throughout the Commonwealth.  
      If you are interested in hosting Dr. Cooper at your agency, please contact the Northwest PDC at 814- 878-2010 or [email protected].  Click on the following links to see a list of training topics offered by Dr. Cooper, or for further information about the Center for Alternative Learning.  Course descriptions are also available on ABLEsite at www.pde.psu.edu/able/catalog.html.
New Topics: Dr. Cooper presented a new topic at PAACE 2002, Identifying and Using Patterns in Selecting Instructional Techniques.  He provided a brief summary of research into how the brain uses patterns for learning followed by a demonstration of patterns he has found helpful in teaching adult students, especially those with learning problems.  
C-SIP: Cooper - Screening of Information Processing Form, Manual, Short Form and Short Form Directions can be accessed from the C-SIP link  on the Main Page of this web site.  NOTE: The Short Form has been revised in 2003.    The C-SIP is now available in both English and Spanish.  A computer program for scoring the Cooper Screening has been completed by Dr. Rich Gacka and is available from the Learning Difference Center Assessment Network.  Dr Cooper has written an Evaluation of the C-SIP, What to Do with the C-SIP.  You can go to it directly from the main page or from the C-SIP index page.  He expects to update it regularly which will be indicated on the main page.
GED Test Accommodations for Those with Disabilities:   The NWPDC's PDC News - Winter 2002  issue printed an article about a workshop Dr. Cooper held on November 30, 2001 at Stairways Behavioral Health on the topic of accommodations that can be  made for GED students with disabilities. To read it, click here.
Familiar Van -  As many of our readers know, Dr. Cooper travels extensively and much of that is over the highways.  In 2001, his black and silver van, with over 210,000 miles on the odometer, received a new life .  With new parts: engine, transmission, steering, brakes, tires, and a variety of smaller new parts, the van has a new lease on life and should continue to carry the driver and his learning materials to teachers and parents for many years to come.  To see it, click here.
Questions and Answers from Dr. Cooper.   Click here; and go see if your question has been answered yet.  New Questions and Answers are included after each newsletter!

Pennsylvania’s Learning Differences Center:   The Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education has funded the Learning Differences Center that will coordinate the Staff development project operated by Dr. Cooper, the Learning Disabilities modules, and the Bridges to Practice training, along with additional new staff development activities such as the Assessment Network.  More details of about the Learning Differences Center will be provided in up-coming newsletters.  Adult educators and volunteer tutors will notice some changes in the administration of the training provided by Dr. Cooper.  A master schedule of the training that he provides across the state is being developed by the staff at the Northwest Professional Development Center. 

The Fraction Eights Pattern (mentioned in the January 02 newsletter) is now on the web site.  You can access it from the main directory page.  The Sixteens Pattern is coming soon.  You will need PowerPoint on your computer to view the page.

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